For Anna Sidana, creating art is not only about what the eye sees but about experiencing and conveying a multitude of feelings and emotions. An artist during her childhood, Sidana put down the paintbrush for most of her adult life until relatively recently when she started using her creativity as a way to escape the stresses of life and express herself without judgment.

Artist Statement

After working in high-tech for 25+ years, I realized that I was de-sensitized to the impact of technology on our lives, from the way we interact with each other, to how we consume media and news. Greater forces of capitalism and digitization are tearing up our connective tissue, leaving us disturbed to the point where it seems that the very fabric of our society is coming undone. We have to step outside to experience nature, forgetting that we are nature itself.

My art explores an emotional connection with complex family histories by coming to terms with my inspiring yet complex Indian heritage. As an immigrant and a woman of color, I assimilated myself into another culture so completely, that I lost my identity.

Searching for a connection with my culture, I stumbled upon childhood memories of pomegranates and of playing in the cotton fields of our family farm in Rajasthan, India. Fascinated by the multi-dimensional personal family history with cotton, I was drawn to study it further and have been painting cotton ever since. Taking a contemporary twist on landscape painting, I blur the traditional horizon and keep the viewer in a psychological and atmospheric space.  Through symbolism and gestural brushstrokes, I create a labyrinth that is not a specific location or place, rather a modern, and conceptual experience that is lyrical and fluid.

My medium is largescale oil on canvas.

Anna Sidana

Selected Exhibits

2021, London Art Biennale, Juried Show, Chelsea, London, UK
2021, O’Hanlon Center for the Arts, ‘BLUE’ Juried Show, Mill Valley, CA
2021, Jen Tough Gallery, Juried Art Book’, Santa Fe, NM
2021, Root Division, MFA Revisited, San Francisco, CA
2020, De Young Open, Juried Show, San Francisco, CA
2020, O’Hanlon Women Artists Making Their Mark, Juried Show, Mill Valley, CA
2020, Tunnels of the Mind, Times Square, NY
2020, Cotton Paintings Exhibit – Black History Month, Civic Center, San Francisco, CA
2020, The ‘Sistine Barn’ Exhibit, SFAI Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA
2020, Art for Aids Foundation, Juried Art Selection, San Francisco, CA
2019, Connectedness (curator/participant), Juried Show, Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2019, Content Matters, Juried Show, Marin Museum of Modern Art (MOCA), CA
2019, Art as Protest (curator and participant), Juried, Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2019, Albany Bulbfest (Juror), Albany, CA
2018, Schafer Gallery, Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA
2018, Art for Aids Foundation, Juried Art Selection, San Francisco, CA
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